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Organic Wholesale Kratom

Organic Wholesale Kratom – At organic kratom we have close to twenty years of experience importing wholesale kratom and supplying the bulk kratom and retail markets across the USA. We work with producers at a local level and give them the required guidance on how to pick, shade dry and humidity control the drying process. What makes us unique from other vendors is that we have ensured all of our kratom is grown organically.

How Do We Grow Wholesale Kratom Organically?

The secret is in the hand picked locations. Our Kratom plantations are located on the island of Borneo close to the Malaysian border. The only access to these rich and virgin jungles is a 7-8 hour boat trip. Our point being, there are zero cities, industry, roads, airports or electricity for that matter. This allows us to clone and continue to harvest in the knowledge that our kratom is 100% organic.

Soil samples are tested for heavy metals and contaminants, as well as the nitrogen rich fertile soil. We supply our farmers with generators to assist with controlling the humidity upon the crucial drying stage. High humidity causes ‘mould spores’ which can be dangerous to your health as well as contaminating your kratom.

What to expect from Organic Kratom

Anyone can order wholesale kratom from Asia but can you guarantee it has been ethically grown and it is organic? We are about finding the best kratom clones and planting them in an organised manner for quick and efficient harvesting. By avoiding humidity we dry the leaf in a matter of hours locking in the highest possible amount of alkaloids. Organic Kratom should always be a vibrant shade of green, be sweetly fragrant to the smell and very bitter to the taste.

Through over two decade of positive business relations, we have developed our international supply network while retaining grassroots management and communication. We directly engage with activities such as mapping of trees, soil analysis and analysis of the trees themselves. We know which areas produce the best kratom at given times of year. Quality organic kratom equates to better value for money as your normal dosage is greatly reduced.

Wholesale Kratom Extracts

We are also keen on ethical standards. So we work with our producers to maintain organic, sustainable practices for the good of the local environment, local people and of course for the wellbeing of our customers.

This allows us to supply wholesale kratom from our farms in Borneo with confidence that all the kratom strains are of excellence and very high in mitragynine. Onward from the production phase, we are constantly researching and developing new extraction methods and product designs. Our pharmaceutical partner assists us greatly in these ventures, ensuring that new ideas are thoroughly analyzed and carefully developed allowing mass production techniques for wholesale kratom extracts.

Following on, recent developments that we prize highly is our range of wholesale kratom extracts. These are exclusive, made to order products, of a quality so fine that they are ‘hygroscopic’ in nature. Basically, they dissolve in water immediately. This is our kratom golden reserve – please contact us for more information on wholesale kratom extracts

Buy Organic Wholesale Kratom

It’s all here – whether you are after dried leaves, milled powders, extracts, resins, capsules, we supply the entire range. We ensure that back orders are avoided through careful stock management and a powerful supply chain. Same day dispatch is our consistent standard.

This really is organic wholesale kratom at its absolute best. You can be assured of excellence in every way – every time.

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