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Here is one of organic kratom’s longest serving, best loved strains. It’s widely reported by researchers to be an effective stimulant, with quality which truly deserves the label ‘Super’.

How do we achieve this level of quality? Well, it’s all about the process of product selection. We have tests which we perform in the area where the kratom grows. Things like soil richness, soil acidity and water levels are important. But before the kratom can earn ‘Super’ status, the most important test is on the trees themselves. We make sure that each tree’s alkaloid levels meet our requirements. As long as it does, we can call it super Indo kratom.

But the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. When harvesting is done, it’s done ethically, with attention to sustainability. So the trees aren’t stripped of leaves or badly damaged. They are left in a condition to keep growing and gaining vitality.

Even then, we still keep a close eye on how the product is treated. For a start, it’s important to keep the leaves in dry and dark environment. Sunlight causes the essential kratom alkaloids to break down and dampness can cause mould, which has similar effects.

So it’s off to the drying rooms with our super Indo lratom leaves, then after drying, they’re de-veined and milled. This is how we at organic kratom achieve our famous Super quality. It’s also why super Indo kratom is a firm favorite with many experienced Kratom researchers. All of the above measures ensure incredible freshness and amazing potency, year in, year out.

As you can see, we put immense thought and effort into selecting and producing our super Indo kratom. From local sources to stockrooms to shipping of orders, we make sure that the natural material is treated properly all the way. It’s all about the alkaloids and organic kratom knows exactly how to keep them in.

That’s why we’re your number one organic kratom supplier. Enjoy!

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