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 Sumatra Maeng Da – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Kratom Products 

We’ve been growing and maintaining our personal kratom plantations since 2001. In that time, we’ve mastered the art of producing high potency high quality kratom powder. In fact, we’re so confident that our product is more effective than any other on the market, that we offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. 

Try Sumatra Maeng Da – A Powerful and Versatile Blend 

Maeng Da is a special kind of kratom with horned leaves that is highly sought after for its enhanced potency compared to regular kratom. Our Sumatra Maeng Da is a proprietary blend of the best green, white and red horned kratom that the lush jungles of Banda Aceh has to offer. 

Because Sumatra Maeng Da is a blend of green, white and red veins, the effects can vary based on the quantity taken. When you take a smaller dose, you’ll experience more of the energizing effects of the white and green veins. Your focus will sharpen, repetitive tasks will become a breeze and you’ll feel an increased motivation for work. Minor aches and pains will vanish at this level and your mood will be gently elevated. 

At higher levels, you’ll experience the pain relieving effects of a red vein deepened by the enhanced potency of Maeng Da. The sensation of comfort will increase as even severe pain fades into the background. Stress and frustration will be replaced with feelings of well being and security. You’ll experience a sense of euphoria as your body becomes fully relaxed. 

Sumatra Maeng Da is Ideal for Cognitive Enhancement, Productivity, Recovery and Relaxation 

Ever experienced brain fog, weakened focus or lack of motivation that can’t be explained by tiredness? If you’re experiencing a lapse in mental energy, Sumatra Maeng Da is perfect for sharpening your cognition and improving productivity. And due to the enhanced potency of Maeng Da kratom, your doses can be smaller than ever. 

Many of our customers enjoy using Sumatra Maeng Da throughout the day. At first, a low dose can be taken to improve cognition, ease aches and pains and provide a boost of energy. Later, the dose can be topped up to induce feelings of relaxation, reduce stress and encourage deep sleep. This single strain can both increase your output and help with the recovery afterwards. 

Have you ever experienced diminished focus? Has stress or pain ever kept you from being able to fully relax? Wish you could increase your performance without putting additional stress on your body? If so, Sumatra Maeng Da is the kratom strain for you. Order today to experience the surprising effects for yourself. 

Buy With Absolute Confidence 

We treat kratom with the care and respect that any medicine demands. Many vendors can be careless when harvesting kratom plants and contaminants are easily introduced. 

Once our plants are harvested, they are immediately dried in humidity controlled drying shelters. Then, the low quality parts of the plant like the stem and vein are removed, ensuring maximum potency. Finally our kratom is milled into a fine aromatic powder. 

Using this foolproof method, we’ve been able to produce kratom that is 5-6 times stronger than the average kratom on the market. 

Order today to experience the difference for yourself 

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