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Have you thought about buying Kratom Resin but don’t know enough about its Effects?

Let me try and explain a little more about this superb product which is one of the strongest types of kratom available today and offers great value for money considering how strong its effects are! Kratom resin is one of the original heavyweights and a steady favorite for the customers of organic kratom. We use 30kg of freshly picked leaves to produce 1kg of resin. If we take into consideration the water content in the leaves we could say this excellent resin is a 10x. We have created a more potent version with higher concentrations of the essential alkaloids. It’s thanks to our progressive approach to research and manufacturing that new products like kratom resin are now available. We’re always looking on your behalf for ways of improving products, or giving them something new and interesting. You may of tried or heard about kratom pies or 8x resin which are both very good products.  Our new resin differs from lower concentrations not only in strength but in its effects! Kratom resin is very potent but has kept a large proportion of the Thai kratom’s energy and motivational qualities. It’s an excellent product for strong pain management and for opiate withdrawal and can be used day or night but in the correct dose.

At lot of people are curious about Kratom Resin but How to Use it and in what dose?

The best way to think of resin is like a stock cube, there is no need to make an extract like with tea as resin is already extracted from the leaf and packed full of alkaloids. It really is as simple as dropping a small amount into boiling water and stirring until it is fully dissolved, it’s as easy as making gravy! The dosage only needs to be small, add 1g of resin to 1 litre of boiling water and stir until it is fully dissolved. The idea here is not to consume the full litre of tea but to use only 250ml or 1/4 gram of resin. This way you can monitor the effects over the next hour and decide if you need to increase your kratom dosage. While any kratom resin expert will recognize the hard rocky form and pungent aroma, we are sure that many will be impressed by this extra potency. It’s a product of Thai kratom leaves, which make an excellent source for resin but remember as this is an extract it’s going to be very bitter. You can dilute your dose with a drink of your choice, sweet juice or just add honey and drink it down as quick as possible. Some people just eat the resin in small chunks and wash down, the point here you need to find a method and amount that suits your personal requirements. We use a highly-developed reduction and filtration process, which on each run gradually concentrates Thai leaves to 20 times their original potency. At the same time, impurities are removed. You may have seen some kratom resin that do not completely dissolve, but leave a thick black gunk in the water. That gunk is natural wax – an oily residue. We make sure that this is all removed.

So overall it’s a cleaner, stronger product of Thai kratom leaves. We are sure that even seasoned experts of kratom resin will love it!

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