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FS Bali Gold is a 100% red vein kratom strain of exceptional quality. Bali gold kratom was dicovered in a prime organic jungle close to where the best Borneo Red veins (Bali Kratom) grow. Due to its unique properties and high alkaloid content we are calling this strain discovered by Franz in 2011 ‘FS Bali Gold’.

What is FS Bali Gold Kratom?

Most vendors market red vein kratom that has been dried in the sun as Bali gold. UV light bleaches the green chlorophyll which turns the leaf from green to brown. UV light destroys mitragynine and other important alkaloids just as quickly. Sun drying causes the wet underneath leaves to ferment in scorching temperatures. Heat and fermentation destroy kratom alkaloids.

Don’t be confused or expect to see a golden/brown coloured powder. FS Bali Kratom is the most beautiful colour of green, it is milled to 500 micron super fine powder and has the most wonderful fresh fragrance. All of our plantation kratom is shade dried with constant fresh airflow. Keeping UV light, humidity and hot temperatures under control preserves the leaf, its colour and all important alkaloids.

Number 1 Choice for Opiate Withdrawal and Pain Related Issues

I rarely get excited by any-one strain but the FS Bali Gold is close to my heart and a large part of my adult life. High in 7-hydroxymitragynine FS Bali Gold is very helpful for pain related issues. For opiate withdrawal Bali Gold Kratom has to be the number 1 choice for detoxing, then helping to manage any underlying pain issues.

Anxiety and Depression COVID-19

Anxiety and Depression is at an all time high due to COVID-19. We are commited to helping anyone suffering with A&D especially during these dark times. FS Bali Gold has a calming effect while helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Mix 2-4g into a drink of choice, make a tea, smoothie or just blend with fresh orange and ice. Kratom is simple to use and effective for anxiety and depression, whats more, it gets to work within 20-45 minutes.

Kratom when used in moderation as a natural supplement has claimed fame with sufferers of anxiety and depression worldwide. Most users are able to stop using prescribed meds and able to manage their condition with small amounts of kratom 3-4 times per week, without the unplesent side effects of common medications.

FS Bali Gold was first discovered and planted in 2011. It was cloned into a small plantation of its own. Cloning kratom transfers its mothers genes into the new tree. This ensures a consistent high alkaloid product with the same health benefits.

The Franz strain Bali Gold is available now, although in limited supplies. Output will increase over the coming seasons and we expect to have this block buster on a long term basis.

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