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About Organic Kratom

Our team is comprised of kratom devotees who have been involved in the planting, maintenance and harvesting of organic kratom plantations since 2001. We know firsthand how effective kratom can be at treating a myriad of conditions that would otherwise be crippling. We understand and deeply respect the powerful effects of kratom and insist that all of our products are handled with the appropriate degree of caution and care.

Why buy Organic Kratom?

We’ve honed our process to perfection over the years we’ve been working with kratom, which is why it is so concerning to see other vendors and farmers selling off subpar kratom products. Kratom trees are easily misidentified, so there is a real risk that cheap kratom could be a mix of kratom and other unknown plants. At best this lowers the quality of the kratom and at worse these contaminants could be damaging to your health.

Our organic kratom comes from 17 handpicked locations in lush, virgin jungles. Here, the soil is so naturally fertile that extra fertilization and nutrients are unnecessary. We’ve also invested in humidity controlled drying shelters, in which the kratom is dried after harvest. Typically cheaper kratom is sun dried on a tarp, which inevitably reduces the potency.

In order to ensure maximum potency, we remove the low quality parts of the plant like the stem and vein. Only the leaf is used to create our famous aromatic organic kratom powder. Through this process, we’re able to maximize the kratom alkaloids that make it into the powder. The effect of this is a kratom that is 2-3 times stronger than the average kratom on the market.

The high potency of our organic kratom means it will go further and doses can be smaller, making swallowing easier.

Organic Kratom Effects

Kratom is a tree that has been used as a traditional medicine in its native regions for generations. Kratom has applications in treating a wide array of conditions, notably it is very effective at relieving pain, uplifting mood and increasing energy.

Kratom can be ingested or brewed into a tea. Lower doses (between 1g and 3g) tend to have an energizing effect, comparable to a caffeine boost but without the jitters. Higher doses (4g-10g) are sedating and make focus difficult, but offer maximum pain relief and euphoria.

Kratom from different regions tends to have slightly different properties. Kratom is organized into 3 vein colors based on the appearance of the leaves. White veins are thought to be the most energizing and red veins the most sedating, with green veins sitting between the two. You should choose a kratom strain that best fits the nature of your ailment.

Medical Conditions Kratom Can Treat



Pain and Chronic Pain

Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue


Opiate Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

IBS, GERD & Ulcerative Colitis


Crohn’s disease


Red Skin Syndrome (RSS)

And More

At Organic Kratom, we offer same-day dispatch, which is enabled by our international shipping network. We work diligently to ensure that your organic kratom powder reaches you quickly with maximum potency and freshness.

You can put your mind at ease when you order kratom from us