Product Description

Sultry, silky, subtle Malaysian kratom capsules stand out from the crowd – and how better to experience this than with our fantastic ‘00’ size caps, each packed with the purest, freshest Malay kratom.

These veggie caps are designed to dissolve quickly and deliver their contents effectively. They are pharmaceutical standard, from our carefully sourced high quality producer. The kratom in each one comes from trees which have been analyzed for alkaloid content and approved by our local representative. So, you can be confident that the plant material is bursting with kratom alkaloids, sure to provide the most satisfying effects.

The way that our Malay is harvested ensures the sustainability of the local kratom trees. The leaves are dried and have stems and veins taken out before being milled. This ensures the plant material being used is of the richest, highest quality.
At organic kratom we want to make sure that you get the best value for money, so each capsule contains an incredible 500 milligrams of this excellent Malay. That’s ½ a gram per cap, so you can measure amounts with ease.

When you look at the quality we supply, then check out the incredible prices, you can straight away see why we are the number 1 shop for your kratom needs in the USA.