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organic-kratom-treeWelcome to the USA’s number 1 organic kratom shop, delivering premium Kratom to the American nation. Our extensive variety means that you will always find varieties of organic powders and leaf that you want in your online kratom shop and of course at the best possible price. On this introduction page we’ll give you a brief overview of what you can find. We’ll also tell you about our high standards in supply and manufacturing, including our wide variety of premium and enhanced kratom capsules.

We actually visit our farms across South East Asia, from the beautiful jungles of Borneo to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam ensuring top quality Kratom from healthy mature trees every time. Newcomers to the scene, and people of the old-school will love our site, because we have all the well-known favorites. You can easily find our exceptional high alkaloid Bali kratom, Maeng da, Thai, Malaysian, Sumatran and Indonesian in a variety of quantities to suit your budget, with leaf and fresh powder options.

Do you Supply Kratom Extract and what is the Dosage?

We supply the most popular extract and employ the best extraction processes to produce our very popular kratom 15x powder. The same high standards apply to our resin, our resin is made from freshly picked Thai leaf and available in 10x and 20x concentrations. Our resin is organically produced simply by boiling fresh picked Thai leaves in mineral water, straining the tea then micro filtering three times to remove the black plant waxes. After filtration the liquid is gently boiled and reduced until it turns into a solid dark and potent resin, at this stage we place it into a 1kg mould and leave it to set. We carefully package the resin after its set and export fresh stock from Thailand to our warehouse in the USA.

How to use Kratom Resin?

Simply weigh one gram then drop it into boiling water stirring until fully dissolved. You will find it dissolves completely in hot water with very little effort without residues or nasty plant waxes. Our resin is organic, very clean, hard to the touch and extremely high in alkaloid content, making resin exceptional value for money in todays difficult economical climate. If weighing and dissolving resin is not for you, why not try America’s most popular product kratom capsules?

What type and How Many kratom capsules Should I Take?

We make available all of our powders in capsule form so the choice is down to your personal preference. As far as your kratom capsules dosage that really depends upon your personal tolerance and what type of kratom you buy! As a rule of thumb use your capsules on an empty stomach. Only use 2 capsules at a time then wait a minimum of 30 minutes before repeating the dosage until you feel the desired capsules effects. Once you are accustomed with the amount you should take, you are able to dose this amount each time you use capsules. Pharmaceutical-standard manufacturing is used for our capsules and they’re manufactured right here in the USA so you don’t have to worry about import or quality issues. All of our capsules are sold loose and are sold by weight i.e. 30 grams of capsules means the powder NET weight.

Do you stock other capsule brands?

organic-kratom-leafYes our site is dedicated to being able to offer you only the best products available, so you know when you buy kratom capsules from us each brand has been tested and passed our stringent benchmarks. We are a big fan of the PEP brand and love their signature pocket pill pots, each containing 20 capsules of the finest enhanced powder. PEP capsules offer more bang for your buck especially with recent Special Offers, currently Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all their 20 count pocket pill tubs. Without a doubt our most popular product is PEP Maeng da, if you haven’t tried these then we highly recommend you do. Why go against the crowds when PEP Maeng da customers come back time and time again, it’s no wonder they’re one of our top picks! But it just gets better PEP launched their 60 count containers heavily discounting in the process, now you get exceptional capsules for much less and ready to be dispatched to you today.

Have you heard of PEP Maeng da 50x Capsules?

Yes we have them in stock but go steady with these, 1 capsule is a strong dose. Let me tell you for 4 capsules they pack a punch, PEP Maeng da 50x capsules are stylishly packaged in clamshell packs and have to be the strongest kratom capsule we currently offer.

What other capsules do you offer?

In addition to the PEP lines we are pleased to present our latest, freshest and possibly one of the most diverse brands to-date. We’re talking about kratom infusion! Did you know the KI brand is now offering Maeng da capsules in four different strains? If not, why don’t you check them out! Briefly, we have Bumblebee Vietnamese kratom capsules, Malay, Thai and Indo all of which have been getting some exceptional reviews. As well as capsules, kratom infusion have the new super extract tea bag, which is produced from an extract and makes for a very strong brew. No need for scales as each bag contains 2g of Vietnamese maeng da extract. It’s recommended to boil and simmer for 15 minutes to get the full effects but guess what it can be used up to 3 times! Add a squeeze of lemon and some honey to taste, then pour and enjoy. Remember it’s portable so if your on the move or at work just pop it in a cup and microwave on full power for 2 minutes, let it cool while stirring occasionally, then enjoy ahhhh!

kratom-drying-wholesaleAmerican Kratom are the new caps on the block, and we are pleased to offer all American kratom capsules for the patriot. What makes these capsules different from any other capsules? Well we know they are not enhanced like the PEP brand but what you lose in strength you gain in cost. American Kratom capsules have passed our benchmark tests with flying colors, these are the cheapest capsules in the USA today, so if your on a budget why not try one of these quality Bali, Thai or maeng da packs. These are beautifully packaged and available in 15g and 30g packs that’s 30 and 60 capsules to those of us in the know… Don’t be fooled by American kratoms’ cheap price we have tested these and the quality of the powder used in these capsules, it’s strong and fresh so give them a go today, here’s a big thumbs up to Uncle Sam and American Kratom.

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